Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals


Baptism is the first of the Sacraments of the Church and it is required before any other
Sacrament can be received. Jesus began his own ministry with his Baptism, and as followers of Jesus we begin our ministry in the same way. Baptism is a new birth into the spiritual family of the children of God. We believe that God calls people into His Church, including infants, and that through Baptism we are acknowledge our place in the family of God, and so belong to Christ, and that as children of God we inherit the kingdom of heaven.

It is usual only to be baptised once, and that to be in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If you have been baptised in another Christian denomination, you are not required to be baptised again if you wish to join the Anglican Church. We recognise Christian baptism of all Christian denominations as valid.

In the Anglican Church we baptise infants and adults. Infants have their promises made on their behalf by Parents and Godparents. Adults make the decision for themselves and are supported in this by sponsors.

It is usual for the parents and Godparents of infants to meet with the Parish Priest to discuss the responsibilities of Baptism. Older children may be expected to prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation alongside their baptism.

Baptism of adults

We welcome anyone who wishes to inquire about the Christian faith and the life of the church. If you have no history in the Christian religion, informal discussion can help you to
explore the Christian faith and this may culminate in your baptism.

This symbolic washing with water is the sacrament that signifies your acceptance of Jesus Christ as saviour and your entry into the church.

For further inquiries  please contact the cathedral office or Fr Thomas on (02) 6962 3517, or email: [email protected]


Those who were baptised as infants confirm their baptism vows, made on their behalf by Godparents and sponsors at baptism, when they are old enough to make those promises for themselves. This may be during teenage years, or may be later in life.

Confirmation will be preceded by a confirmation course, which involves a (usually) weekly meeting with a priest or other clergy member, to ensure the confirmation candidate fully understands and assents to what they will affirm at confirmation. This course usually takes between 4-8 weeks to work through.

Confirmation takes place in the context of a Communion Service, attended by the Bishop, who receives the vows made by the confirmee.

For further inquiries  please contact the cathedral office or Fr Thomas on (02) 6962 3517, or email: [email protected]


Congratulations on your engagement!

Marriage within the church is the joining together of two people that they may spend their lives together; sustaining one another in difficulty and in joy. As one of the most beautiful churches in Griffith, The Cathedral would be delighted to welcome you and your partner, together with your families, friends and loved ones for this very special day.

Saint Alban’s has a reputation for the beauty and solemnity of our liturgy, but we also appreciate the simplicity of a quiet, intimate service. Your wedding can be as simple as a beautiful stand-alone ceremony conducted only in the presence of witnesses, or as magnificent as a full Nuptial Eucharist complete with music and full Anglican rites.

Our beautiful sanctuary, brick interior, magnificent stained-glass windows and beautiful gardens make a perfect backdrop for the ceremony and for your photographs. The Parish Hall behind the church, is a bright and large space with a large kitchen that allows your entire celebration to take place on the one property. Our church comfortably seats up to 350 people, and we are ideally located close to the centre of the city but with ample parking.

To enquire about holding your wedding at Saint Alban’s cathedral or one of our out centres please contact the Parish Office. A member of our Clergy Team will be delighted to meet with you, to begin making arrangements for the day.

What will our wedding cost?

The cost of your wedding will be largely determined by the nature of the ceremony. There is a basic fee to the Parish which includes:
– Clergy fees
– Organist
– Design & printing of your wedding order of service.
Depending upon the nature of the ceremony, you may like to organise a vocal ensemble,  musical soloists or instrumentalist to play with the organ. This will enhance the beauty of your wedding.

What do we need to know?

All weddings conducted at the cathedral or one of our out centres must follow an Anglican Order of Service. It includes a form of preparation for marriage. It is expected that at least one of the couple will be a baptised member of a Christian Church. Persons who have previously been married are welcome. Marriages are conducted by the clergy of the parish. However, it may be possible for another priest/minister to share in the ceremony.

Marriage of Same-Sex couples: Doctrine of the Anglican Church of Australia asserts that
marriage is a life-long union between a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others. While the cathedral parish will be delighted to rejoice with you in affirming your same-sex relationship as a life-long commitment, and to pray with you, we are presently unable to offer you a wedding in one of our churches.

For further inquiries  please contact the cathedral office or Fr Thomas on (02) 6962 3517, or email: [email protected]


The loss of a loved one can be a very difficult time.

We are honoured to be there for you in your time of grief.

For further inquiries  please contact the cathedral office or Fr Thomas on (02) 6962 3517, or email: [email protected]